Travel vs Rec FAQ

UpdatedThursday August 21, 2014 byJennie Menke.

What does travel soccer cost? Travel Soccer starts at $125 for a season that is almost twice as long. You can save significant money, and ensure a spot on a team, by registering early -- usually by November 1. 

What is the registration deadline and can I still sign up late? Travel registration happens MUCH earlier than rec due to MN Youth Soccer Assn's required deadline for teams submittal. We start taking summer registrations the preceding fall and Fall season registrations begin in July. You can secure your spot and a nice discount by registering and paying a modest down-payment. Be sure to pay attention to email notices for early registration discounts and make sure your email and contact information is up-to-date in your Sports Signup account. We don't recommend waiting to register because teams fill up. However, if there is still room you may register late, however there is a late fee applied. 

When do practices begin?: Summer travel starts much earlier than rec. Teams usually start practicing indoors in mid-to-late February, depending on the age. For the fall season, practices start in early August.

When is the official game season?: Summer games begin in early May and end in early July for U9-U10. U11 and up teams have the option to continue on to post season play, which conclude by the end of July. Fall season games begin early September and conclude the in early October, about 4 weeks. It is a short, fun and laid back season.

What nights of the week will we play?  Summer travel playing nights depend on the exact age and level team that is formed. Until registration is complete, we won’t know if we are forming an all U9 team or a combined U9 and U10. You can visit and click on the “Playing Nights” tab to see which teams play which night. We will communicate to parents as soon as we know what teams will be formed. Soccer parents are a great group, the kids have a blast and all kinds of carpooling exists for those inevitable nights with sibling conflicts! With that said, we usually have separate U9 & U10 teams, and if we do they will play the following:

  • U9 girls: Tues/Thurs.
  • U10 girls: Mon/Wed.
  • U9 boys: Mon/Wed. 
  • U10 boys: Tues/Thur

For the fall season, all games are played on a mixture of Saturday’s and Sundays.

What is the typical travel soccer schedule? For the summer travel season, you should plan on 2 weeknights and 1 weekend practice. There is also usually one tournament played, with the option to play more if that's what the team and parents collectively decide. For the Fall season, plan on 1-2 weekday practices and 1 game per week. Of course, all coaches are different and you may have more practices than this. However, you should not have less.

What are the weekend commitments? For the summer season, in addition to weekend practice, most teams play in 1-2 tournaments, the dates of which are selected after parents submit vacation and conflict dates. For the fall season, games are played on weekends. 

How much driving is involved? Not as much as you might think! A typical U9/U10 game schedule has 10 games between May and early July. Half the games are played at home and half are played "away." We are in the West district and travel to Wayzata, Buffalo, Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Minnetonka, Plymouth and occasionally Minneapolis So, 5 games away in mostly close-by towns. Same goes for fall, only there are just 4-5 games played during a 4 week period.

Soccer seems expensive why does it cost so much? CRSC’s major expenses are fees paid to Minnesota Youth Soccer (league administration and player and coach insurance), referee fees ($40-$120 per game), coaching fees (we supplement parent volunteers with paid coaches as necessary), administrative fees, facilities rental, facilities maintenance (we pay to use private fields and must maintain them), equipment (goals, nets, field paint, flags, etc). We are proud to offer competitive soccer at the lowest cost of any other community in the western suburbs. When we are unable to find parent volunteers for things such as field lining, coaching and managing, we must pay to provide these services. We are finding it more difficult to fill volunteer positions and, as a result, our fees have incrementally increased as volunteering has decreased.

Are there any additional costs?

  • Tournaments are additional and run about $25 per player. Teams are expected to play in one tournament. Additional tournaments are voted on.
  • Uniforms are additional and cost approximately $40 for a set. Players must purchase their own ball, shin guards and water bottle. Players may opt to purchase team sportswear at an additional cost.

Can siblings stay together? Can my player “play up”? Can we be on the same team as a friend/neighbor? Because of the nature of forming competitive teams, we are unable to make any guarantees from year to year, regardless of the team a player was placed on the year before. The club has carefully developed policy to handle the formation of teams and can be viewed online from the “About CRSC” drop-down menu. The club is committed to forming teams based on the best interest of the greatest number of players. Sometimes that makes for a disappointing team placement, however, we will do whatever we can to make any transition as easy as possible.